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Insulation laminated sheet

X-Shape pressure ring


Pressure ring is the main insulating part in the transformer, and needs a high require for mechanical properties and electrical properties. Now most of electrical laminated wood pressure rings in our country are produced in a normal way. The veneers are stacked perpendicularly one another as the fiber direction of the adjacent veneer. After being made to pressure rings, the difference of perpendicular flexural strength is bigger for each point along radii direction. The biggest tolerance will reach 70 percent which is disadvantage to guarantee the security of transformer.
A new technique is introduced in our factory to produce the transformer pressure rings, which makes the fiber direction of each point become X-shape along radii direction. The rough veneers are pressed to round one time. Then the ring is processed to end product by the CNC processing center.
The characters: High mechanical property and modulus of elasticity. The perpendicular flexural strength for each point along radii direction is consistent. The pressure ring that density≥1.1g/cm3, its flexural strength along radii direction is more than 120Mpa.
 X-Shape Pressure Ring Max Diameter3000(mm)

OMEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Ningbo Leadwin international trade co.,ltd Sunne Feng (General Manager) Email:,
msn: skype: omenco001
Phone : +86-574-88183823,88183859 83030723,83036723 Fax : +86-574-56664782, 83030721     Mobile : +86-18957806501
Address :1-2F,Building 2 ,58 Fengqi Road, Yinzhou,Ningbo,China
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