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Epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric


epoxy fibergless mesh fabric is a kind of insulation material manufactured by our company it is made of basal mesh fabric and erooxy soakage mucus.

1..capability and characteristics

 this sort of mesh fabric intensively this process.there,s no bladder inside the fabric,and thefabric is case-hardened,has good capability of insulation,further more,its level of resisting temperature is "h".it is not only has high mechanical intensity under the normal temperature,but also has such mechanical intensity under the environment of high temperature.this ensures the moulidng transformer and reactor could safely operate under the high temperature.

2.using range

it is used in the dty transformer,reactor and such product to protect the insulation layer of the highly improves the whole mechanical intensity of the it is an excellent reinforcing material for the dty transformer and such product.

3.main specification index

Thickness: 0.40mm,0.60mm,1.00mm,1.20mm,1.50mm,1.60mm,1.90mm,2.00mm

Mesh size: 5mm×4mm,10mm×8mm,7mm×5mm

Length: 40m,50m,100m  width:1000mm

4.technical index:

1.surface breakdown voltage:≥18 KV   2.surface insulation resistance: ≥1*1013

3.temperature resistant grade:F,H     4.bending strength: ≥80Mpa

5.concussion strength: ≥20kj/m       6.electric resistant arc:180s

7.insulation resistance:1*1011        8.strength of interpose electric: ≥9KV/mm

9.flame resistance                

10.color original,white:or produce according to customers reques
OMEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Ningbo Leadwin international trade co.,ltd Sunne Feng (General Manager) Email:,
msn: skype: omenco001
Phone : +86-574-88183823,88183859 83030723,83036723 Fax : +86-574-56664782, 83030721     Mobile : +86-18957806501
Address :1-2F,Building 2 ,58 Fengqi Road, Yinzhou,Ningbo,China
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